Letter S is for Snake and Squares

Add a tongue and eye to the letter S to make it look like a snake, then decorate it with squares!

Preschool art for Letter S

Our preschool co-op started today and I lucked out to teach first! Our group is made up of 5 cute little girls- 2 two year olds and 3 three year olds. It’s going to be an awesome year! To start things off we made an S shaped snake (try saying that 5 times fast!) out of construction paper and glued squares to it. I had everything pre-cut, so all the girls had to do was glue. I used this snake as a template.

S is for Snake and SquaresGreat activity for strengthening those fine motor skills!



  1. That is a great fine motor activity! I always loved reading the book The Sultan’s Snake to my kindergarteners when we learned S is for Snakes. I hope you have fun with your co-op!

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