5 Senses Theme: Sight Activity

For a fun sight activity as part of the 5 senses theme, play Where’s Waldo. Arrange a bunch of toys on the floor along with a paper Waldo and have your preschooler look for Waldo!

Where's Waldo with Toys

Jayna loves to play I Spy when we are driving in the car, so it was no surprise that she enjoyed playing this DIY Where’s Waldo game over and over. We had fun rummaging through her boxes of toys, finding all the little ones and setting them out together.
Where's Waldo in Toys

Once they were all neatly on the floor, I had her close her eyes while I rearranged a few of the toys and placed Waldo.

Where's Waldo Activity with Toys

Then she got out her magnifying glass, searched, and found the friendly guy.

Where's WaldoWe took turns placing and finding Waldo. And when we got tired of him, we played I Spy. Jayna brought the paper Waldo home from preschool. I’ll have to find out where her teacher found him, because my search online for a link to a printable Waldo to share with you has been fruitless!

Letter W is for Worm

W is for Worm Preschool Ideas

Last week at preschool, we practiced W’s and learned that they make a wa sound. W is for wa, wa, worm. Sometimes, things just work out perfectly! Jayna and I wandered outside early last week to check and see if the puddles we had played in a few days before were still there. We have […]

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Letter S is for Snake and Squares

Preschool art for Letter S

Add a tongue and eye to the letter S to make it look like a snake, then decorate it with squares! Our preschool co-op started today and I lucked out to teach first! Our group is made up of 5 cute little girls- 2 two year olds and 3 three year olds. It’s going to […]

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Letter O Art Activity Using Olives

O is for Olive

Today we explored olives and not only found the letter O, but discovered a circle, a star, and the color black! For a simple letter O art activity, we pressed the olives onto ink and used them as stamps to make lots of O’s, counting as we went. Before beginning this activity, I recommend laying […]

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